Equipped with the latest data-collection technologies, such as 360-degree scanning and drone technology, our nationwide team of specialists produce fast and accurate as-built surveys. That means less time on site, minimal in-store disruptions, and fewer return visits to capture missed information. We are experienced in multi-site programs and cover high-volume needs across the country.

As-built surveys

Building documentation

Drone aerial surveys

Equipment documentation

Site investigation reports

360-degree photo walk-throughs

Key Capabilities:

I truly appreciate the level of professionalism and quality delivered by PMDG and their staff over the years.  It’s very difficult to find such high standards of genuineness and reliability in today´s business world.  I highly recommend their services in regards to surveys, design work, and project management as it relates to large scale, retail rollouts. They are a critical part of the work we do.



International Coffee Company

Scanner technology

Our surveyors use the latest scanning and 360-degree photo technology. The scans create a 3D map, or point cloud, of a client’s site. This laser-guided technology captures tens of thousands of data points per second as the surveyor moves through a location.


The surveyor receives live feedback via tablet or phone to help reduce scanning errors and verify that all critical data is captured. Completed scans get processed in our office using point cloud software, and the files can be exported to industry-standard formats such as AutoCAD or Revit. 

Point cloud image from scanner

360-degree photo walk-throughs

Point cloud image from drone

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