PM Design Group, Inc. is a full-service architecture and engineering firm with 14 offices nationwide headed by founders Roy Pedro and Ken McCracken. We believe in partnerships, not projects.

We’re designers, engineers, project managers, and problem solvers with a passion for helping clients achieve their objectives.

We are celebrating 10 years in business!

2019 marks 10 years since PM Design Group Inc. was created. 

Our founders saw an opportunity to build a new, full-service

architecture and engineering firm with culture and values that

would draw the best employees and clients.

In their first year, Roy and Ken worked hard to truly define what

it meant to create the best place to work. Both knew from the

very beginning that their company, PM Design Group, would be

community-based, family-oriented, and focused on giving their

employees an opportunity to advance in their careers while learning new skills. A great place to work meant a better experience for their clients, and lasting partnerships. What began with just two friends has now become a company with 14 offices and more than 170 employees. 


Hear from Ken and Roy about the company and how far it’s come. 






Our journey started with a desire to create the best place

to work and partner with great clients. We strive to empower

people and build true partnerships with our clients creating

a place where innovative spirit and purpose come together.




Collaboration - We leverage our collective

experience to produce the best results for

our clients.


Trust - We are an extension of our clients’

teams and they trust us to look out for their

interests. We are dependable and agile,

delivering results.


Innovation - We develop innovative processes

and invest in technology to bring efficiency and

quality to all we do.


Growth - We are passionate about helping both

employees and clients achieve their goals. As

members of our team and our clients grow, so

does the company.


Excellence - We strive for excellence as we

pursue high expectations. We work hard to

improve every day.

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